1. Archangel22

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    May 2, 2018
    Just wondering the old school GB games on the carts held soooooo little data. Take Mortal Kombat 2 for example. Great great and fun game on the hand held but has limited characters and 2 stages only. With todays tech is it hard to create games for the Gameboy? What if they added more stages, fatalities and characters and character endings? If it is simple to make for classic consoles not sure why ebay or other sites havent been flooded since they sell knockoff game carts for other game boy consoles that play the original games easily.

    I guess its just my wishful thinking I was in a thought patten remembering old school games wishing they couldve been tweaked and improved upon with out latest game community that can play on older consoles or hand helds im sure people would scoop them up. Again like the mk2 suggestion would go after that GB cartridge if it were made
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