How can I use Pal Park with roms only?

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  1. Pheinte

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    May 31, 2011
    I'm going to buy a DS Lite in order to use Pal Park (so I can transfer pokemon's from GBA roms to DS roms), and to transfer pokemon's between DS roms (I already have a DSi XL with an acekard).

    I heard that EZ-Flash 3-in-1 should work just fine with Pal Park. What about the EZ-Flash IV?

    What DS flashcart should I buy so that it does work with Pal Park? (I would prefer a DSi flashcart because I may want to use it in my DSi XL)
    Will Acekard or R4i Gold ( work fine with Pal Park?

    I heard that you need to patch the DS pokémon roms with some "pokepatch" so they can detect the GBA rom in the EZ-Flash.
    Where can I download the most recent version of "pokepatch"?
    After patching these DS roms, will I still be able to transfer pokémon's between DS roms and use Wi-Fi connection (GTS)?

    Can I load GBA roms from DS flashcart SD card (with akaio or wood) using EZ-Flash 3-in-1 in the DS Lite? How exactly?
    I heard that I won't be able to use VBA saves on akaio, or akaio gba saves on VBA because of some "header"? Is it true?

    I'm still able to transfer a VBA save to EZ-Flash 3-in-1 in order to use Pal Park, right?

    BTW, which version of EZ-Flash 3-in-1 is the best and why?

    Thanks in advance!
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    May 16, 2008
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    I am going to cut you off at the knees. If you got more than 100 or so pokemon, it is FASTER to use pokesav to add pokemon to your DS saves.

    Palpark ONLY allows 6 pokemons to transfer EVERY 24 hours for Diamond, Pearl & Platinum. If you have 200 gba pokemon, it would take you 34 days to transfer all 200, it would take you longer if you skipped some days.

    pokesav : here
    palpark can be found in the download section, also known as filetrip : here

    I don't remember if pokepatch was updated to support HeartGold or SoulSilver, your out of luck if it isn't supported, you would need to have a real game cart of pokemon to transfer anything via palpark.
  3. Pheinte

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    May 31, 2011
    Finally someone says something!

    I don't care about pokesav. That's what every cheater uses.
    Besides I only have some legendaries to transfer.
    I want to use my pokémons with Wi-Fi btw.

    I never said I wanted to transfer my GBA pokémons to HeartGold or SoulSilver.
    I can transfer them first to Diamond and then to the more recent pokémon games.

    Pokepatch file from Filetrip was last edited on May 2007, so I'm almost sure it isn't the latest version.
    Besides, the "readme" file doesn't say anything about Platinum.

    Since Cory's blog is not online anymore, I ask anyone who still has pokepatch v4.2 and v5alpha3 files to please upload them somewhere and post the download link here.
  4. Ammako

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    Dec 22, 2009
    Pokésav is the last thing you should use for this.
    Unless you can convert your 3rd gen Pokémon to the 4th gen format with 100% precision, it won't help you.

    I'd suggest using DeSmuME to transfer the Pokémon to a HG/SS rom.
    In HG/SS, you can transfer as many Pokémon as you want per day (Though you're still limited to 6 per 'trip')
  5. Coto

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    Jun 4, 2010
    I believe you've got to patch games directly to do that (at least the way i've heard of).

    i.e.: Cory1492 did something like this by directly patching the NDS Pokémon Diamond / Platinum USA Rom (v1.0), which allows reading various GBA pokemon Games (as the host GBA pokemon will be read from NOR, EZ 3in1 / EZIV's internal permanent writable Memory, including the savefile [the savefile must be named equally the NOR GBA Pokemon written so it can be read])

    If Cory1492 don't mind here's the copy of Pokepatch 4.1 (i'll remove the link if he says it).
    Pokepatch 4.1

    Check the readme for details.

    I've tested this a year ago using a patched Platinum Pokemon Game, and pokemon emerald wrote to NOR on EZIV and worked flawlessly.
  6. Pheinte

    Pheinte GBAtemp Regular

    May 31, 2011
    Thanks for the file Coto.

    I don't think Cory1492 will appear around here soon.
    Now I have to finish Pokémon Diamond and wait for my DS Lite and EZ-Flash 3in1 to arrive.

    If anyone has pokepatch v4.2 and v5alpha3 files, you can still upload them somewhere and post here the link.
  7. Pheinte

    Pheinte GBAtemp Regular

    May 31, 2011
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    Sep 17, 2016
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    Can someone help me with this,i cant figure this out,what do i do with the patched file?