How can I hack my Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon game cartridge for all items with CFW?

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    Oct 10, 2014
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    I've got a Pokémon SMD game cartridge which I wanna hack for all items,mostly for golden bananas/seeds. I've got an old 3ds having ctrbootmanager for rxtools and homebrew. My emunand is on 10.3. How can I hack it,please tell me the easiest/most convenient way that preferably does not require a PC ( basically I want a way that doesn't involve exe files) thanks,and please help.
    (I do have a powersaves,but it doesn't have any cheats that are helpful to me) ( I'd be fine with other kinda cheats too,I mean its not that I want ONLY the all items cheat,I just want a few golden bananas...)
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