How can I format an unformated USB stick»

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    I have a 32GB USB stick which isn't able to be formatted because it's RAW and so I dunno how to format it, what's the solution?

    I tried CMD and Device Manager, of which neither worked. :-/
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    By raw I assume you mean no partition or anything. Sometimes if you have a dying USB port it says unformatted when it is not.

    Anyway you could partition in "properly" and go gparted or something like easeus.

    If you just need a straight partition and have windows then click the start button and then either run or type in/paste in diskmgmt.msc to the run/command box.

    It should pop up something like or (this last link is a nice step by step for windows 7 and similar systems)

    From here you should be able to add partition as you will and format however you need, it is a bit limited but again if you just need a USB drive formatted so it can hold files then carry on.