Question How can I erase the 6.0.0 update (not installed yet) ??

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  1. AMartinCorcoles

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    Jun 7, 2016
    So I have the message that the console is ready to update, and I obviosly say no, but how can I erase it from the console?
    Currently in 5.0.0 with ReiNX with sigpatches

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Enter maintenance mode by holding volume + and - when you turn on the console which will automatically remove the system update.
  3. JJTapia19

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    Enter recovery mode by fully powering off holding the power button and selecting turn off. Then while holding vol + ans vol - press the power button but keep holding vol + ans vol - until you see the recovery menu. After that don't select anything and just hold the power button for a couple of seconds to power off. Turn on and the update has been erased from the console.

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