How can I create a Magic Memory Stick for my PSP?

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    I wanna resurrect my old PSP Slim 2004, but its bricked due because it turned off in the middle of an official Sony update (due to battery problems) and when I turned it on again it booted off fine, however after a few days it just turned on and showed me a green light only, I could already tell it was bricked.
    I'm gonna buy a Pandora Battery to unbrick the PSP but it won't come with a MMS, how can I create a MMS for a PSP Slim 2004? I don't know the motherboard's version but the datecode is 8A.
    I've read around PSP forums saying PSP Slim 2004 doesn't support MMS but if it doesn't, how can one unbrick a console then?

    Thanks for the help.
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    I hate hot linking to a wiki page, but it's useful:

    you'll have to re check the motherboard ver. your PSP has, anything (2nd generation motherboard, or 2g; your model) should be cIPL (custom ipl-able), which means you can boot a small code (without signature checkings and other shit) that allow you to perform a recovery update (and unbrick the console)

    1). you need to prepare a magic MMC card (booteable). To do so you need to run DDC v9 (despertar del cementerio v9) on the target MMC.
    2) you need a battery in "service mode", aka pandora battery. This is the one that "boots" the IPL from the MMC card, rather tan flash(NAND).

    You need a pandora battery, and a magic MMC card, and any 2G backwards motherboard (THAT IS NOT A TA088-v3 motherboard). TA088-v2, TA088-v1, TA085 will work fine. 1G models too.
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    You need Rains UltraLite MMS Maker (Magic Memory Stick) directly from PC these will install DDC v9 and Pandora Battery since your PSP is already dead you need to buy them online
    You can find a lot of tutorial on the web or here

    If you have an extra PSP you can make your own MMS and Pandora Battery directly from PSP all you need is OFW 5.00 and an apps PSP Tool v1