How can I access the eshop/Pokebank with an UNlinked Emunand?

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    EDIT: I have an O3DS.

    I really want to able to use Pokebank, but I don't want my Sysnand and my Emunand to be linked. Various user suggest to format the Emunand, but all it does is linking the Sysnand and the Emunand which I do not want. What do you suggest?
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    You can go ahead and format emunand. Make sure you already have a backup of your SD card. After it finishes boot into sysnand without SD and format it. This will unlink your emunand and sysnand. However, now you won't be able to access your NNID on emunand anymore. In order to fix that, format a new emunand using ANOTHER SD card. Update the system on the newly created emunand, which has no NNID linked with. Next, link you NNID to this new emunand. This will allow you to access NNID on your first emunand.
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