How are GBA roms Patched with client software?

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    Aug 23, 2007
    i was wondering, how does the M3 Perfect GBA
    software patch the roms? what areas does it overwrite?
    Does it Modify the "Header"?
    it seems to only affect certain areas of a rom.

    i have noticed some wierd effects when patching GBA with menu.

    Ace Combat Advance - only crashes if you Re-Fuel aircraft.
    Top Gun Combat Zones - Cannot Press A, so cant get past menu.
    Army Men OP Green - if you activate M3 Menu, Sound is off.
    Unfabulous - Headless Character Sprite on only 1 of the Minigames.
    Downforce - Pixel Junk trackway if patched,
    (same with GT Advance 3)
    Sega Arcade Gallery - crashes only on 1 game
    Namco Museum - Pixel Junk only on Pole Position
    Namco Museun 50th - Pixel Junk only on Rally X
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