1. ReyVGM

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    Oct 26, 2002
    You could take submissions for any kind of saves, gameshark saves, battery saves, save states, etc.

    I am always making saves, you can see over 400 saves that I have done at www.zophar.net , www.pocketheaven.com, http://www.gbacheats.fsnet.co.uk, www.gamefaqs.com and some others.

    zophar is alive but with the staff change I don't know who is in charge of the save section now.

    pocketheaven gets updated like never and gbacheats is a site that is gonna get big as long as the staff don't get tired.....

    now comes this site, it has a lot of members, huge enthusiasm by the staff and if it had a save section I'm sure the submissions would come pouring in.
    I am always posting saves on the "game help board" but most of the time the topics disappear before the ones that really need it come to get it.
    I know you have thought about that already, but why not do it?

    You can count me in as a contributor, a big one.
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