How About a G6 Icon Thread?

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    We all know how sometimes the G6 loader either doesn't recognize a GBA title or doesn't have an icon for it, and some people are either not savvy enough or just too lazy to make icons for their cart.

    Well, seeing as how I'm making them anyways, I might as well post them. And yes, I know some people have posted large collections, and I'm not here to step on their feet, just to suggest a thread to drop specific requests and/or keep up with new releases.


    Ceraphis' thread with Tutorials:

    Ceraphis' own site full of icons:

    Banj:wtf:Z's thread with his GBA Icon collection:

    Scroll down here for Kingsquitter's excellent G6-image tool:


    To make your own, you'll need:

    A simple image editor. I recommend the freeware viewer/editor Irfanview.

    An image of some sort -- either a screen grab from an Emu or an image from a release site.

    And G6-Image, the converter software from Kingsquitter.

    First, you'll need the Image you'd like to use for your icon. It should probably be vaguely rectangular for the best appearance.
    You can make your own, snag an image from a site like DGEmu or GBAtemp, or you can capture your own with VBA.

    (To capture an image in VBA, load up a rom and when the image you like shows up onscreen, press Ctrl+P to pause the emulation.
    Then click on File, and select Screen Capture and save as a BMP or PNG.)

    Now that you have your image, open the image in Irfanview.
    Click on 'Image', then 'Resize/Resample'.
    Under Size Method, select Resample, and choose the slowest filter.
    (This will result in the highest quality image, and you'll definitely need it when the icon is resized.)
    Uncheck 'Preserve Aspect Ratio' and click on 'Set New Size'.
    Put in the dimensions (width) 70 by (height) 55, and click 'Ok'

    You should now see a teeny tiny rectangular image. Hopefully it is still identifiable.

    Now click on 'File' and 'Save As', then under 'Save as Type' select BMP - Windows Bitmap.
    Select the directory where you'd like the finished file to be saved, and click on 'Save'.
    Now you have a BMP ready for G6-Image to convert.

    From here you can close Irfanview, and open G6-Image.

    In G6-Image, select the GBA radio button at the bottom, and the window should change to a rectangular shape.
    Now click on 'File', then 'Open', and select the BMP you just made.

    If the icon appears correct, click on 'File', and 'Save As.'
    Choose a location to save the resulting icon, and then under Save as Type, select: G6 GBA Icon File.
    Type in a name for the icon and click 'Save'.

    The end result will be a .ico file, but it cannot be viewed in standard viewers like a windows Icon file -- they are not the same thing. If you want to double check the appearance, re-open the .ico in G6-Image.

    Now all you need to do is save the .ico file to the GBA directory on your G6 card, and make sure it is named exactly the same as the rom it represents.
    For example, Kirby.gba must have the icon named Kirby.ico.
    The next time you open the GBA games listing, you should see your new icon. You'll need to upload the icon each time you replace the rom.


    I'll start the ball rolling with this Final Fantasy VI Advance icon. Right click this file and select 'Save as.'
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    Thats a great idea. What format are these icons in? Because I was never able to open them up. I have a lot of icons that I want to create, but didn't know how.
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    thanks good idea...
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    Nice, thanks! As long as people are interested in the idea, I'll edit the top post to reflect some common links and tutorials, and generally make it a little more tidy and informative.