Hot to re-use HORI Screenprotectors?

Discussion in 'NDS - Flashcarts and Accessories' started by DrTek, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. DrTek

    DrTek GBAtemp Regular

    Jul 26, 2006
    Gambia, The

    I checked my brand new NDS lite in the white main menu screen, didn't find any dead pixels and applied the HORIs.
    Then I started Tetris DS and noticed 2 dead / stuck pixels.

    Next I dismounted the HORIs carefully with some tape and "stored" them on the Tetris DS case because I threw away
    the HORI carrier-sheets.

    My question now:

    How do I re-use the screen protectors when my new NDS arrives?
    Wash them with pure water, let 'em dry and mount them again?
    Or should I get new HORIs?

    Thanks for any opinions,

  2. kvad

    kvad GBAtemp Regular

    Nov 19, 2003
    IMO, just get some new ones dude. Save you some pain and hassle, but if you got them dosen't hurt to try.
  3. g.crow

    g.crow beide mittelfinger hoch

    Feb 26, 2006
    United States
    du klebst einen streifen tesafilm drauf und ziehst die damit ab.
    hab meine auch mal unter wasser gewaschen, kleben noch 1a.

  4. DrTek

    DrTek GBAtemp Regular

    Jul 26, 2006
    Gambia, The
    ab hab ich sie schon und heil sind sie auch.

    wie krieg ich die nach dem wasserbad wieder trocken?
  5. -WW-

    -WW- Member

    Aug 10, 2006
    I did this, and it worked great:

    * Clean them with soap under warm water.
    * Shake of most of the water.
    * Use compressed air to blow away the rest of the water.

    That's all.
  6. Cyberdude93

    Cyberdude93 Advanced Member

    Jul 28, 2003
    I think the manual says not to use water. It suggests putting tape on the sticky side to get rid of dirt. I've tried this and it works very well.

    Since they're cheap, you could always buy new ones, but they can still be reused if you want. I had several failed attempts of trying to apply them and now they're on flawlessly. (Except at the top right of one of them where it was previously pressed onto the plastic)
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