Homework - Rube Goldburg - Forms of Force

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    My homework is to make a rube goldburg machine that demonstrates 3 forms of force in about 3-4 steps and have a ball land in a cup. I can use Gravity as a force during a ramp as 1 step. I can't think of any other forms of force because my teacher doesn't teach for crap. google only pulls up star wars crap!!! HELP!

    What other forms of force are there that are easy to demonstrate in a sort of roller coaster rube goldburg machine?
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    Aug 27, 2007

    watch the RUBE GOLDBURG vids on YOUTUBE for inspiration [​IMG]

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    Apr 4, 2006
    Do you have a magnet? That's a form of force. And a spring. Have the spring launch the ball. That's two. Gravity's three... Maybe add a see-saw somewhere, to demonstrate the lever principle.

    EDIT: And add a loop-de-loop, to demonstrate centrifugal force.
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    don't forget a rocket, I guess you could say that demonstrates "chemical force" or whatever you call it.

    of course, if you go onto do higher physics you will basically realise all this is bullshit and all forces are the same thing.... but I won't confuse you any more [​IMG]