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    So I'm writing this paper in Geology class, and it can be on any topic I choose. So I chose to write about the "Geological Accuracy of the Movie Volcano." I have ideas of what to talk about (for instance, does it really take a geological event to heat the lake in MacArthur Park 6 degrees?), but I'm running short on actual facts, and it's becoming more difficult to find stuff through Google. I figure I'd try my luck and see if anyone on the forum might have an idea.

    Things I need to know:
    • how large the lake in MacArthur Park is
    • how much heat/energy (in Calories, preferably) does the sun give out in one spot
    • how much heat can a human stand before he starts to burn/melt
    • does higher viscosity = higher temperatures, or the other way around
    If anyone knows the answers to any of that, or would know where I should look, anything would help me out. Thanks.
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    For point 2:

    erm you need the forumla for luminosity, Plug in the surface area of the exposed sun facing the earth and you can google the distance etc etc

    Find the specific heat capacity of water. (how many calories to heat up by one degree) Either google or calculate.

    (ermm i am flumbling through but that's a start)

    For the last point - NO higher temp = more energy = expanding of the molecules = weaker structure = less viscous

    Also I think people burn more than melt. That's just me.

    To have units from a calculation = another unit e.g. ms^-1 = acceleration.

    You can break it down if you want M by balancing the other side and cancelling.
    ^Try doing that for luminosity to calories... XD

    it's been a while since i did physics!