Homepass troubles with the new 3DS (9.0.0) Update [and solution]

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    ...I was actually going to post here asking for help, since the Homepass setup that used to work for me doesn't work anymore. But I ended up figuring it out.

    I updated my Fire Emblem Japanese 3DS and my setup with MACycle using the Windows 7/8 hosted network to share my Wi-Fi stopped working for the past two days (I have two different computers each with Windows 7 and 8 with identical setups that worked before the update).

    I've heard reports from people that their Nintendo Zones (actual ones) weren't being recognized. They just said "wait a while". Or I get conflicting information like "you can't Homepass people with firmware lower than 9.0" or "Nintendo Updated their MAC list on their servers" on GameFAQs and "it doesn't work with network security turned on" on Reddit, etc. (Which if the Reddit statement was true, I was SOL because Windows 7 hosted networks don't support an open Wi-Fi network)


    No joy.

    Turns out after browsing Google and Reddit, it turns out that attwifi might have been removed from the list of Nintendo Zone hotspots. That would make sense considering some people report their Nintendo Zones work fine while others don't.

    All I did was change the SSID to NZ@McD1 (Mcdonalds Nintendo Zone SSID)


    And behold!


    Edit: I do apologize. I didn't realize that the solution was posted here as well in another thread:
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    Thank you, this fixed my exact problem. It's odd because ATTWIFI is the hotspot at my malls and it works fine still, just stopped working for home passing...
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    Just follow "before trying anything else" link in the hpmepass FAQ topic and you always will have up-to-date MAC lists and SSIDs automatically.
    Attwifi still works if it is not password protected like the original Nintendo hotspots in the US, however Nintendo Zone access was disabled since firmware 9.0 for that SSID