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    I went to the R4wiki page but it doesnt seem to have emulators in the list. I saw SnezziDS but I'm sure there are more so thats were this topic comes in. I am getting my R4 in two days and I want a SNES emulator and a GBA emulator for my R4. I know that SNES emulators are still choppy in the games I wanna play(chrono cross) but I would like to know the best working one. I haven't read about any GBA emus for the R4 but I have a ton of GBA games I didn't get to play on my SC miniSD so if there is a GBA emu that works 100%, i'd love to know what it is.

    Also, if there is any "have-to-have" homebrew for the R4 just toss that in your reply. Ima get DoomDS, Warcraft III TD, and DSO(DLDI) but other than that I don't know of any breakthrough homebrew. Since I don't use Moonshell, I probably won't even bother with exterior updates being that MS is built in.
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    For snes emulation check out snemulDS, I think it's the only snes emu that will run on a slot 1 cart. SnezziDS will not run on the R4.

    There is no way to play GBA games from slot 1. There is no GBA emulator for the DS, and there probably never will be. The DS already has a GBA built in, so if you want 100% working GBA, you just need to shell out for a slot 2 cart.
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    NDS Mail is pretty sweet. Gmail works with it now too [​IMG]
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    this guy's a hero.


    program will copy ur games, change ur skins, give you moonshell, update your version, and its packed with homebrew.