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    Homebrew Repository! - http://homebrewrepo.com
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    We don't have a full demo yet but its being worked on right now. We are working on a PC Application. This PC Application will be a huge homebrew repo for Wii Homebrew Apps and eventually DS (and more?). The application runs on the user's computer and a large amount of homebrew available from the front page and info on that homebrew. Users can download homebrew to their SD Card with the click of a mouse, users will even be able to keep their homebrew apps up-to-date as the application will also check for updates. In other words, a huge, smart Repository for Homebrew.

    This is a screenshot of an EARLY beta version.
    We may have a lot of UI improvements coming...

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    (Possible) Features
    - Easy to Use Interface
    - View all available Homebrew from your Desktop.
    - View Info on Homebrew (Description, Version, Release Date, etc)
    - Download Homebrew straight to your SD Card/USB Device
    - Check for updates for Homebrew on SD Card/USB Device
    - Automatic Updates?
    - Auto-detect unknown Homebrew on SD/USB Device
    - Free to use and free of ads. It relies on donations.


    We're collecting donations to help cover the cost of the servers and website. Faster we collect this, the faster we're ready to go.
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    i think its an awesome idea if i had a few extra dollars i would donate but its been really tight with money here lately

    hope to see this up and running soon
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    Never heard the Homebrew Browser developer asking for money for hosting the apps and I think it's a little bit premature to buy a website/server before having anything published. I doubt you are going to have massive bandwidth need at the beginning (if ever) and there are many free solutions to store that kind of stuff online (googlecode, wordpress, etc) or you could even use direct link to official websites when possible since those are not your apps anyway.