HomeBrew Launcher 1.0 and HBC

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    Apr 8, 2009
    I am trying to figure out how to install Homebrew Launcher 1.0 (Link on Wiibrew) and mostly if it can coexist with HBC.
    My Wii is on FW3.2E , cios_rev9.

    Reading the installation instructions on the Launcher website you get:
    "You can launch Wii Homebrew Launcher 2 ways:
    By installing the chain OR Using the TP Hack each time (for those who do not install a chain unofficial)

    For the TP Hack
    Copy the file BOOT.ELF at the root of the SD card
    Run the TP Hack

    For the next version
    Copy the contents of the archive to the root of the SD card
    Run the TP Hack, Homebrew Channel or a previous version of Wii Homebrew Launcher
    Run the WAD Manager and install WHLxx.WAD (xx is the version number WHL)"

    In the archive to be copied to SD root there is a boot.dol file. But if I overwrite the boot.dol I already have now on my SD (HBC's, I suppose), am I cancelling the HBC itself or they can coexist?
    Did anybody try this launcher? How can I have it AND HBC on my Wii?

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    SOLVED: yes they can coexist, I installed the WAD from the launcher package WITHOUT copying the boot..dol (only directory structure) and I have the HomeBrew launcher as a channel, fully working.
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    Apr 4, 2009
    the boot.elf is just the installer, not the actual app. once its installed you can safely delete the boot.elf/ replace it with another, so i think you should be able to install both. also, you could launch the installer from HBC, instead of having to use twilight hack. i think you'd have to convert it to .dol first though. but yes, i think they can co-exist fine. the installer is a bit like an .exe installer in windows. once you install the program, you can delete it. BTW, i havent actually tried using both, i use HBC, but i'm pretty sure it should be fine.

    EDIT: oh just saw your edit