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    I'm a flash cart n00b and I started checking out some of the homebrew apps and got myself all confused.

    Most of the homebrew zip files contain a *.ds.gba file and a *.nds file (sometimes even others), my question is do I need both files on my flash cart or just one? If just one, which one? I have an R4 DS, so I'm asking these questions from a slot-1 standpoint.

    I guess another question that probably needs to proceed the others is, are the file extensions a standard that mean something, or do author's just pick an extension and the user is left to try and find readmes to figure out which one will work?

    Thanks for helping an idot. [​IMG]

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    Mar 6, 2007
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    .ds.gba are for slot 2 linkers.
    You should go with the .nds file. Anyhow with the R4DS, there might be a need to patch the file with DLDI.