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  1. Bronko

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    Jul 18, 2007
    How can I make my own homebrew DS games?
    Because I saw a few homebrew DS games at the download section and now I want to make my own game.
    Please help me [​IMG]
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    There are a couple of threads already but

    (very) high level you are limited to lua or basic (old 10 print "RA" 20 goto 10 sort of stuff) as far as I can think right now (unless you want to write a SCUMM game or something and interpret/emulate it).

    Low(er) level: most use C with ASM sections (either inline or "libraries"), C++ can be used but size (normally associated with classes) and performance (same reason and less developed compilers) can make it a bit more difficult.

    Devkitpro: GBA/DS subset devkitARM are the usual things (only a few, albeit very notable, use other (costly) assemblers).

    On top of that things are further simplified by PAlib but you sacrifice some performance and versatility for ease of use (do not be put off though you can do some amazing things with it):

    Some links
    GBAdev (a popular developers forum):

    GBATek (possibly the best low level tech docs for the GBA and DS)
    http://nocash.emubase.de/gbatek.htm site also home to no$gba one of the best DS emulators (the dev version you pay for but the freeware is goog for a run and see).

    Patatersoft (a really nice starters guide):

    4shared, if you need a quick place that is not rapidshare to store stuff you can use here.

    Some advice: start on GBA (there is a tonne of info and polished source out there already, the DS is starting to get there but the GBA is further on) and then move up.

    Two more things, GBAdev is a good place to browse every couple of days as people also make nice libraries/tools (or improve existing ones), or work out/around various idiosyncrasies and post them there:
    there are libraries to use the RAM of certain carts
    wireless communication
    audio (DS oriented and stuff like MP3)
    3d stuff (and "openGL" style library was coming along last I checked).
  3. Bronko

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    Jul 18, 2007
    Thanks, that helped me alot [​IMG]
    Also thanks for your fast response..