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    ok so im new to this homebrew scene

    so i have a wii 4.2u, bought it late 2009 and i would like to install homebrew channel

    i have a micro sdhc 4gb sandisk (class 2) with these files on the root of my card

    they are both folders

    so and i went to the sd card menu on my wii just to see what would happen and it still read the bannerbomb files, now is this the right way of doing this, because i dont want to brick my wii, also, if i dont want the homebrew channel on my system is there an easy way to uninstall everything?

    also am i allowed to ask about this WAD manager to play back up wiiware titles? or am i not allowed, where do i get this WAD manager and to install it on my wii?
  2. Riley

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    get the hackmii installer elf and rename it too boot.elf on your sd card. Run bannerbomb.

    Everything you need should be here.