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    Now that you’ve faced off the evil BYDO with the R-9 in the R-Type series, are you ready to find the Five Crimson Emblem Seals in order to defeat the Black Slayer? Let’s see what Retro-Bit has to offer in their Holy Diver Collector’s Edition as they finally bring a game to the west after being a Japan exclusive title for almost 30 years!

    In a similar fashion to the R-Type III & Super R-Type, the Holy Diver Collector’s Edition comes in a minimalist pitch black hard embossed Collector’s Box adorning the logo and title on top.


    Opening it up we find the following exclusive items:

    Individually Numbered Certificate of Authenticity


    This edition was also produced in limited quantity of 2900 and each copy comes with a certificate of authenticity to boast which number is yours!

    Hard Covered Notebook

    IMG_20180926_201006260.jpg IMG_20180926_201013346.jpg

    Included is a handy, pocket-sized lined notebook to record all of your retro adventures... or shopping list!

    Retro-Bit x FigPin Limited Edition Enamel Pin Set

    IMG_20180926_201046206.jpg IMG_20180926_201103161.jpg

    Two exclusive enamel pins can be found inside, with the first featuring the game’s tile and logo while the second one is an 8-bit rendition of Randy, the game’s protagonist. Interestingly, the Randy pin can be used as a regular pin or can be put among your action figures with the included stand. By the way, the Randy pin is strangely reminiscent of the in-game 1-Up Doll icon used to give an extra life to the player...

    hdp.jpg hdb.jpg

    Art Prints

    IMG_20180926_201149856.jpg IMG_20180926_201159503.jpg

    Two fine, postcard-sized art prints are also provided. My favorite is the one featuring a blond (!) Randy walking courageously in the direction of the Black Slayer for the final duel.

    Exclusive Sticker Collection


    Of course, Retro-Bit did not forget about you sticker lovers! Two sheets full of the Holy Diver logo and Randy posing dramatically are included just for you!

    Collectible retail box with game cartridge, full color instruction manual and dust cover

    Last but not least, we have the game itself. Retro-Bit was kind enough to include a handy dust cover so you don’t always have to blow on the cartridge before booting it up.

    IMG_20180926_201323966.jpg IMG_20180926_201338557.jpg IMG_20180926_201354491.jpg IMG_20180926_201406417.jpg

    Initially released in 1989 by Irem, Holy Diver is very much a Castlevania clone but it does breathe some life of its own. With its original sprites, numerous enemy types (over 30!) and background music throughout its six Nintendo-hard platforming levels, Holy Diver is a game worth experiencing for its gameplay features, obscure inspirations and finally hitting shores outside of Japan in cartridge format.

    You will control Randy on his quest to find the Five Crimson Emblem Seals and defeat the Black Slayer by jumping, dodging attacks and casting magic spells from his 8-bit hands; spells that can be altered depending on which Crimson Emblem Seal is equipped. Casting magic will also cost MP, so look out for those blue mana spheres that drop down of defeated enemies!

    As for the inspiration, Holy Diver takes heavily after metal bands. If the names used in the game or metal album-worthy box art haven’t given it away already, then I’ll have you know that the names used are based from from real life heavy metal musicians Ronnie James Dio, Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads as well as the bands Slayer and King Crimson. If you still think that those are just mere coincidences, then how about this: the title Holy Diver is the exact same as Ronnie James Dio’s heavy metal band Dio's debut studio album. Pretty metal, huh?!

    Costing $59.99/ €64.99, this Holy Diver Collector’s Edition is the only official way to finally get a hold of Holy Diver outside of Japan as Retro-Bit collaborated with Irem to finally bring this title outside of Japan. You’d rather be quick as the copies are limited!

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  3. raphamotta

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    Jul 12, 2013
    Holy Diver by Dio \m/
  4. JiveTheTurkey

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    Nov 6, 2017
    United States
    Ah, you beat me to it!
  5. gameboy

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    Dec 9, 2015
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    thats gorgeous material
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  6. tbb043

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    Jan 30, 2008
    United States
    Wishful thinking.
  7. DaFixer

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    Aug 29, 2010
    Very good unboxing, and that packaging design looks great!
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