Hmm... pokesav for HGSS needs to be updated

Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by Tac 21, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Tac 21

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    for example, I wish to edit the ball I cought pokemon with... while the edit shows as saved in pokesav, its still the same ball as it was before in the game!

    now, I know its a minor deal, but if it was included, why does it not work properly?
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    Why don't you ask the author of Pokesav?
  3. ZetraEX

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    It DOES choose the right pokeball... The 86h value in the pokemon edit menu determines what pokeball it will be in. This is so that pokemon caught with special pokeballs can be compatible with previous games like platinum, diamond, pearl.

    The default value would be 04 if it was caught in an original pokeball. Search online for other values of the other pokeballs.
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    Too bad he doesn't respond to anything ever.
  5. TM2-Megatron

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    HgSs Pokesav does need to be updated, but the ball type is minor. The entire events section needs to be written in and activated. As another person mentioned, HgSs-exclusive ball-types and capture locations are actually stored in a Pokemon's hidden hex values. For the Ball type, you can just choose a normal Poke Ball and then change the appropriate hidden hex value to the value for the ball you want. For the capture location, you choose "Faraway place" (what any HgSs location shows up as if the Pokemon is traded to D/P/Pt), and then enter the hex value for the HgSs location. There's a list of them floating around somewhere. Yeah, it'd be more convenient to just have that process automated, but at least it can still be done. The entire Events section, though (wonder cards, etc.) doesn't work at all for the HgSs version.
  6. Tac 21

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    Feb 2, 2008
    ah! I CAN switch pokeballs with my platinum pokemon. one thing the pokesav made REALLY easy was the importing of platinum pokemon on to HGSS- super easy, no dex entries though- no big deal since I'm techincly hacking them in at the cost of time.

    so the 86th value eh? (plays around) this is only for HGSS pokemon though. cool, in setting the values to 00. I was able to switch it no problem- so I remedied it thanks with your help, but megatron has a point- the problem still remains that HGSS pokesav is designed too much with DDPts program points. they work fine when your using DPPt pokemon and such but it seems like incomplete program