High School of the Dead

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  1. bnwchbammer

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    Mar 4, 2009
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    Taken from here.
    My initial thoughts on it have really been two things.
    First, why the hell am I still watching it?
    Second, it's so bad it's good.
    It's so full of cliches that it must be on purpose, but it's done so well in an indescribable way.
    I'm kinda looking at it in more of a film student kind of manner, and that's really kinda making me love it.
    (Even though I only took a film class for one semester in high school and I hardly know what I'm talking about)
    But hey, I'm liking it for reasons I can hardly describe.
    God, so many pantie shots it's unreal.
    (Not necessarily why I'm liking it, but the way it's done is making me like it.)
    Anyone else here watching it?
  2. DarkStriker

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    Mar 15, 2009
    The only reaosn for so many fan service is because the artist is a known hentai artist and of course they will make use of it. I'm reading the manga and watching the anime and its just awesome! Lots of action killing zombie with 3 hot girls, 1 big boobed nurse teacher and a gun otaku [​IMG] And of course a kid with them to finish his harem....
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