High pitched noise on NDS Lite - possible fix ?

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    Oct 20, 2012

    using the "search" function, I haven't found a topic regarding this issue, especially about my question - I'm sorry if it has already been answered, I'm quite new to this :unsure:

    My problem is regarding the high pitched sound emitted by the NDS Lite, that is often growing worse overtime. This youtube video shows it pretty well:


    After some investigations, I now know the sound is coming (at least in my case) from the vibration between the bottom LCD screen and the touchscreen.

    Usually the sound they both produce (individually) is not audible by the human ear, but the combination of the two panels lowers the combined pitch to our audible range. This is why touching the LCD+touchscreen with a stylus modify (or nullify) the sound, because the stylus is altering the combined vibration.

    a) When the two panels are not aligned, only touching on a few points, no sound is produced.​
    b) When the LCD screen and the touchscreen are perfectly aligned and put together, the high pitched noise is produced.​


    I tested it several times, with 2 different touchscreen (the stock one and a new one I got on Amazon from a german seller), the same is happening: every time these two panels are aligned and touching, the noise appears.

    My question is:
    Is it possible to assemble the two panels, but stick a thin layer of paper (from a post-it) on the borders, to prevent both panels from producing that sound ? (the main idea is modifying the resonance frequency by altering the structure)​

    I'm afraid it will prevent the touchscreen from working, correctly or at all. I'll try that tonight, but I would like to know if anyone has ever done that before.

    => If yes, what problems they encountered, and what solutions they found. If you have any other idea on how to prevent that vibration, I would be happy to hear it (and try it, if possible).

    If I find a solution (or if it fails miserably :P), I'll document it (with pictures and everything) here.

    (ps: the auto-format system of the forum seems bugged, it's adding lines where it shouldn't, erasing content (such as youtube links) without any user input)

    Thanks for your attention and help :)
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    I've never heard of a problem like this.
    I say go to a local store and get it fixed.
    That is if you can!
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    Mar 20, 2006
    Hi spooky

    Thank you for that really informative post and the video demonstrating the problem.

    First, i have never heard or read about this problem, I buy broken ds's and have never encountered one with this problem.

    The idea you have with putting something between the digitizer and lcd should work. Just remember to becarefull when removing the digitizer so you don't accidentaly rip off a layer of the plastic.

    I do wonder one thing though. Didn't the digitizer come with doublesided tape to be sticked on the lcd?
    That should work as some type of padding between the metalframe and the digitizer glass.

    Sorry for any spelling error or any other typing error, I'm writing from my phone and it sucks!
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    Sounds like a transformer or a capacitor issue. It's not "dangerous" to the system, these issues pop up over time - they just get "used up". You *might* replace the part that is working outside of its specs due to old age, but you don't really have to - it may not be damaged, it may be a slight factory defect. Have a look at the PCB (if you have experience in disassembling devices) and locate the chip in question, then check what it is and look for replacements, but since the system "works fine", I don't think there's really a need to do so.

    Not many people notice, but electronic components often have their "distinct sounds" which become louder over time. ;) If it's a capacitor and it's bulging, it may be close to its end-of-life and will have to be replaced... but if it hissed earlier and you just didn't notice, it'll just hiss - that's its nature.
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    Jul 21, 2012
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    something similar happens sometimes to my SP.
    if i lower the volume it goes away.