Suggestion Hide Images from Ignored Users in Meme Box


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Sep 17, 2010
United Kingdom
Holy crap, why is everyone pissed and saying OP is insecure when they've submitted valid criticism about a broken feature?
Have you seen the meme box content.
It's extremely specific to dislike someone's meme posts when literally the entire box is just rehashes of others memes and not even original in first place, usually it's all same related stuff.

The fact meme box is a massive shitpost in itself (and is worse if you read thread)
So disliking the specific content in that box and asking the blacklist to not show it yet being fine with rest extremely picky.
Basically it's like not liking 1 of 2 foods that taste exactly the same but are just a minor shade colour difference.
Proven more by the most niche thread I have seen outside of the cesspit called the forum edge.

Op would have a better time just using adblock and removing the meme box from view with right click

It's basically like image searching something not liking that one vague gallery image that is basically like 99% of the other results just minimally different.
Then asking Google to blacklist those types of thing for you
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