Homebrew HID to VPAD - Unofficial Command Line Network Client


Jul 10, 2007
Hello everyone!

I am using this thread to announce my new project, an unofficial HID to VPAD network client focused on being used through the command line! Especially made to be used with a headless RPi4.
It is not as full featured as the official client, but should be good enough for most people.

You can download it from here. More information on the README.

Why now?

I got some new controllers and wanted to use them on my WiiU as I got back to playing it, however I did not want to keep my computer turned on. As my RPi is always online, connected through an ethernet cable, and is near my WiiU, it is the perfect alternative. But there is a problem... the official client uses a lot of memory and (seems to) require a graphical interface to run. Not ideal in a RPi.

Some features:
- Predictable latency
- Configurable controller polling rate
- Low memory footprint (usually less than 2MB)
- Easy to use
- No need to add new mappings on the WiiU, even for new controllers.

I hope someone also find it useful, Mario Kart 8 is great on an Xbox Series controller :yayone:
My WiiU is connected through WiFi and my RPi through ethernet, I am sensitive to latency and did not noticed any. Try it out ^_^
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