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    Hi to all. nice forum you have in here...
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    and yes this forum is very nice [​IMG]
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    From: Lynx the Dark | Posted: 8/19/2006 04:24:25 PM | Filter | Message Detail
    So the fetish has been leaked, one of my trusted betatesteres leaked the fetish, but I expected someone to do it eventually, still if you guys think you know what it is and how fucked up it actually is based on the leak you are dead wrong.

    I think you'll all enjoy to read first-hand everything there is about this unique, messed up "fetish".

    01. Hunting and Rating System
    02. The Fetish
    003. FAQ (in my next post)

    NOTE: I decided not to post videos and pictures because people didn't seem interested.

    ------------------My Secret Fetish Guide--------------------

    01. Hunting and Rating System
    What I call hunting is basically just searching for pics and videos online, I use sites like flickr, webshots, youtube, dailymotion, smugmug and other photo and video sharing sites where you can either use a decent search engine or browse through alums.
    The reason I decided to go in-depth and explain the hunting and rating system is because, that too is in a way part of the fetish I guess, organizing your hunts, documenting them and eventually looking back on them is quite a messed up thing to do, especially for a "fetish" such as mine.

    There are three ways to hunt:
    - Direct Hitting
    - Deep Hunting
    - Semi Direct Hitting

    Direct Hitting and the Rating System for Direct Hit Hunts
    This is the least time consuming method, you enter a keyword in the search engine and carefully look through the results and save the photos you like, however, there is more to Direct Hitting than just paying attention to the photos, after you are done with the Direct Hit hunt you document this hunt in a txt document.
    You have to rate it's DHV, P and put some other details about that hunt.

    DHV - Direct Hit Value, the more pictures you save during a direct hit hunt the higher the DHV is.
    DHV ratings: None - Low - Medium - High
    ------------A High DHV is pretty rare----------------------

    P - Potential, the potential is something only a highly talented or a very experienced hunter can sense, Direct Hit hunts with High P are far more valuable than those with a high DHV. Hunts with a high potential value might not have pictures good enough for you to save, but what they do have are pictures which show that the family album they come from might just have the pics you are looking for, they also show that the family in general has the potential to take the kinds of pictures you like. You know that a family has potential by looking at the lighting, their facial expressions on the pic, the setting, location and things they do, it's difficult to explain, but my senses have never failed me so far, thing is some families DO have the potential but never fully realize it.

    This is an example of how I document my Direct Hit hunts:

    LUElinks | DHV - Low | P - Medium | Size -59 | Completed on - 20 June 2006

    Once you've went through a few Direct Hit hunts, you documented them and are ready to go deep hunting you look at your list, see which hunts have higher potentials and use those for deep hunting.

    Deep Hunting and the Rating System for Families
    This is a very time consuming and tedious method, when deep hunting you basically explore family albums in detail, you have to look at every album the family has which is in the category you are interested in, you have to note if this family is active and if they regularly update their albums too.
    One way to go deep hunting is by using Direct Hit hunts, you run the search with high Potential again and explore the albums of those pics that seem to have potential.

    Another way is to actually explore each and every album uploaded users on the site which is extremely time consuming and difficult, this is the true, Deep Hunting method which I used a couple of years ago, fortunately now I don't have the time to this method, I sometimes use it but don't end up exploring all the albums on a site.

    ----Rating System for families-------
    So you've found yourself a family which has the right photos for you, they might be active and have the potential to add more good photos or they might have stopped adding new stuff, or perhaps you found a family which you have to stay away from for one reason or another.

    You copy the family's URL in notepad and rate it.
    Families are being rated from 1 Star * to 5 Stars *****
    there are also ratings such as - and +, the ratings are accompanied by TAGs, however I'm not going to reveal all the tags just yet, but by the end of the guide you'll know everything there is to know about my secret fetish including all the tags.

    + Is given to families that only had one decent picture and the rest is pretty much useless, it just means that I've gotten a pic from them but that's about it.

    - This is a WARNING sign, it means something is wrong with that family, you must stay away from them at all costs EVEN if they have tempting pictures, which they rarely if ever have. If a family seems weird in some way it's very important that you check your txt file with URLs and see if the family has already been given the - rating at some point.

    Active - Means the family is still active and adds photos
    PG - Pregnant, means there's a hot pregnant woman duh lol
    P - Potential, this time around there is no level, P is given to Active Families only, meaning they have the potential to add good stuff later on. A family can get a + and a P.

    Stars: - Stars can be combined with Tags but not with + and
    - 1 and 2 Star - The family has one or two excellent pics
    - 3 Stars - This is the rating most good families get, it's a very high rating and quite rare
    - 4 and 5 Stars - These ratings are EXTREMELY rare only the best of the best get this, this is given to families who've fully realized their potential. However, lots of families have the potential to have 5 Star pictures but they don't deliver even though the potential IS there.
    In a way 3 Stars are just as good as 5

    This concludes the Hunting and Rating System Guide
    02. The Fetish

    I enjoy looking at pictures of parents with babies, there is no sex, no violence or anything disgusting, I don't want to actually have sex with the babies or something, that is pedophilia and I find that EXTREMELY disturbing, disgusting and scary even, just the thought alone is enough to kill my bonar for quite a while, this is in no way related to sex.
    The family has to consist of both the father and the mother, I enjoy seeing the parents spending private, intimate moments with their babies or toddlers. I think there's some kind of a sensual maybe even erotic bond between a parent and a baby, and while outside this "fetish" I'm perfectly straight, when I look at videos or pictures of parents with babies however, I find the men just as attractive as the women, but ONLY if the men are older over 35 or so or at least very mature looking, but nothing below 30 could give me a bonar, my bonar usually dies when I stumble upon videos or pics of young fathers with babies.
    For moms it doesn't matter what age they are as long as they are hot.
    The man HAS to be the father of the baby and has to have developed a sensual, emotional bond with that baby which most fathers do.
    The more private the pictures the better, the families must live alone or at least take their pictures alone without other family members around.

    So yes, I jack off to pictures and videos of fathers and babies or mothers and babies, I find it extremely arousing when the parents play with their babies, bond with them, kiss them or just take a nap, relax with their babies.
    This is NOT the same feeling I get from porn, however it's still arousing.
    The whole atmosphere when a family has a baby, their privacy and bonding is very arousing to me.

    Now it's time to reveal the rest of the Tags. (If you read the deep hutning part you'll know what I'm talking about)

    HD - hot dad
    HM - hot mom
    NB - new born, this usually goes with the P tag, I don't get pics from the hospital, I just combine the NB tag with HD, HM and the P tag and check back a month or so later.
    WSM - White socks mom, I have a thing for girls wearing white socks [​IMG]
    V - Videos, this means the albums contain videos, it's only used for sites like smugmug or imagestation.

    02-a History of my fetish and how I feel about all this

    I feel TERRIBLE for having this fetish, I think, if it weren't for my strong will and love for life I would have probably killed myself by now, I definitely enjoy hunting and I'm quite happy when I find good pics or videos, BUT at the same time I know just how wrong, how messed up this is.

    When it all began I don't know, I've had fantasies about parents and babies since I was very little, I clearly remember going to bed and thinking about how awesome it would be if I could just enter some house with parents and a baby and make the baby cry so that the parents would comfort it, these were my fantasies when I was 5, yes 5, I'd even get an erection out of them but I had no idea what was going on, I thought this was normal. Now, when I look back that fantasy is retarded, but I was only 5.

    I've had a great life, an awesome childhood and I have an awesome family, I don't know why this happened to me, when it happened or what triggered it, but I somehow have an idea of what might be wrong.
    I was 3 when my cousin was born and I was EXTREMELY jealous, he had hair as a baby so I'd pull his hair and make him cry all the time.
    Me and my cousin are best buds now, and we grew up together just fine, both had an awesome childhood, BUT I think that short period of time while he was still a baby and I was extremely jealous of him triggered something in me and eventually caused this "fetish".

    But ever since I was a kid I thought that there was something special between parents and babies, I remember when I was 7 there was a commertial on TV where a naked dad and a naked baby lay in bed, I was only 7 but I couldn't wait to see the commertial, it was strangely pleasing to watch.

    I didnt know much about sex and stuff despite the fact that my dad always encouriged me to talk about it and I was allowd to look at porn since I was 13 or 14 as long as I don't over do it, BUT I DID NOT CARE FOR PORN! I couldn't get aroused by it at all.
    When I was 13 or 14 and fapped for the first time I fapped to a picute of a father and a baby in bed I drew in MS Paint, I didnt think of them as sex objects, just the atmosphere was extremely arousing.

    Soon after I realized just how wrong this is and I did my best to "recover" from it because I saw it as an illness, I haven't made a full recovery yet, but I won't let this interfere with my normal life, I'm going to live a normal life, get married, have kids, get a job and leave this sick fetish where it belongs, in my head.
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