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  1. MaDRaY

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    Jun 8, 2006
    San Marino
    Hello Folks!

    Well, Im 23 yrs old, Im a drummer, played into some bands. Thats the reason of my Photo Avatar.

    A little bit about my videogame history:

    I´ve been playin videogames since I were 8 yrs old. Started my journey in the 80´s, into the Atari. Played Hero until my little fingers hurted, I had many carts that time. One day, playin Pitfall I did some score higher than my bro, so I thought that was the perfect occasion to pull out some acrobat! Lame idea of mine, I had my face crashed into the sofa and I bleeded a lot, still have the scar near my eye of my Pitfall days. [​IMG]
    Later my dad got us (me and my bro) an Odyssey. The built-in keyboard was pretty cool that time, I couldnt believe what my eyes were seeing! [​IMG]
    Later, in the 90´s, I had Master System with Pistols, the 3d Glasses, Rapid Fire, all the accessories and carts that came out were into my wishlist, either for Xmas or Anniversary. I cleary remeber the day me and my bro beated Phantasy Star, what a happiness!!!
    In this meantime I had my first contact with Nintendo world! My father worked as an electronic tech, so the 8bits came into my house to be fixed. Dont remeber what was the issue of it that time, but dad got it fixed and plugged into our TV Console for us to play it! Got amazed with Mario Bros.
    Some yrs later, was the perfect time to have a Mega Drive! Altered Beast really shined into 16bits!! I had the Master System version, so the Genesis version was a must buy! Road Rash was my fav. series into Genesis! Played the whole collection! This time we rented a lot of carts, ´cause they were very expensive for us.
    Later on, I got my hands into Super Nintendo! This time it was mine, not one for repair! Street Fighter days!! All the night/day playin it, some time later, we got Mortal Kombat! That blood was really amazing and still is! [​IMG]
    Ow, in 94 I got myself my first PC, played Doom, Hexen, Heretic like a crazyman.
    Next console that I played was my friend´s Sega Saturn. Road Rash was very neat into it!! All the time playin´ too. Daytona was very cool either.
    Now, Sony came into my life! Dad´s got some PlayStation to get repaired. Dont remeber what was the first CD I played into it, but Resident Evil, Dino Crisis really filled up my life that time.
    In 2004 I got myself one PlayStation2 moded with DMS3! Lots of fun into it (still have).
    All this time I wondered how cool was to have a GameBoy for me. Been wondering it since the GB Color, back in the 90´s.
    This year I finally got myself a White DS Lite with Passcard3 and M3 SD! Man... time to play all the things I left behind in the most well made portable gamming machine! Im Still playin like a crazy and enjoyin´ all the kind and styles of games!

    This is a great Forum, btw.

    GBAtemp FTW. [​IMG]

    Cheers [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Jun 30, 2006
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    Hey MaDRaY,

    Drummer too, since a bit before you were hatched,

    Commodore 64
    SNES (my friend got a Genesis, I liked mine better, but GOD ROAD RASH WAS AWESOME
    Gameboy (all incarnations)
    3DO (god road rash was awesome [​IMG] )
    TurboGrafx 16 (and express)
    I'm gonna skip the PS3 and hold out till that PS9 they used to advertise comes out [​IMG]
    GBA SP
    DS Lite
    Will have a Wii... weeeeeeeeeee!


    I'm too new here myself to really welcome anybody, but welcome any damn way! [​IMG]
    And here's to your old man [​IMG]
  3. Orc

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    Feb 10, 2006
    Hong Kong
    Hey! I'm not a drummer but here's one! lol
  4. MaDRaY

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    Jun 8, 2006
    San Marino
    10x for the welcomes! I hope to have a great time here and help as much as I can.

    And Yes!! Long Live Road Rash Series!!!!!!

    Only bash the N64 one. [​IMG]