Hi ya and thanx for having me here! (Also, why I'm here...)

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  1. onlinegerrit

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    Jul 13, 2019
    Hi ya! :)

    Been reading here for a while, just like all the starters at one point I think, wanted to say thank you, and also, yes, need further help... :-(
    Been with monkeydesk for a while now (havn't been there for a while), but need to go way deeper with my 3DS, will tell you at the end of my introduction.

    As my signature says:

    "3DS lover, mostly animal crossing new leaf (dead at the moment), streetpassed loads of people myself in Japan (what a great country!)

    Homebrewed my 3DS with rosalina 2.0, homebrewed my wii as well for me and all my friends in the past, modding myself since PS1, yes, I'm a bit older :-)

    "interested" user, no pro, but also no noob, greatfull to learn from others."


    My 3DS got stolen, out of my dispatched suitcase, at the airport in Heathrow. Including about 20 game cartridges, including my beloved animal crossing new leaf. :cry:

    Lucky me (so I thought) I have a "action replay powersaves 3DS BACKUP".

    But as I now learned, could only use that on my stolen 3DS and the original cartridge I got the backup from.

    Willing not to give up, I had to buy 13 animal crossing game cartridges from ebay all together, to at last find one, that tells me, it's the same cartridge version EGDP1... just as my stolen one and the backup version from my action replay (EGDP1...bin)

    But still, can't recover that, because of the checksum error (secure nand values) and because it's not a valid backup.

    Now my main problem is, I have a backup (action replay EGDP1...bin file, that I can't recover using homebrew launcher / checkpoint / and save game.

    Calling action replay UK and getting someone on the phone was a pain in the ...
    One guy did try to help me out, but in the end, they couldn't be bothered to work on their backup / recover functions and never called me back.

    Using Marc Robledo marc_max 's guide for savegame recovery (editor), I can't get any further, since my action replay backup is no use.
    At this point, thanx to 3dshacksguide to get me a bit further, and also to marc of course.

    Trying to find out what else to do, I kept reading with you guys at gbatemp.

    But now I'm stuck and still don't want to give up! So much time I put into playing my game and taking care of my new leaf town...

    Ok, will continue reading from here on, and will for sure open a post here and there. But now you at least know why...

    Have a great day, onlinegerrit! :grog:
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  2. alexander1970

    alexander1970 GBAtemp allows me to be here

    Nov 8, 2018
    Hello and welcome.:)

    That is a sad story.I am sorry for your loss and the way it happened.:(

    BUT....you can see Light on the horizon.
    In GBAtemps 3DS Forum there are many,many capable and clever Users.I am sure THEY can help you.


    Post your "Issue" there and help is certainly on the way.

    Good Luck and
    Have a good time here.
    Thank you.:)
  3. onlinegerrit

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    Jul 13, 2019
    Thank you for your warm welcome, I'm keeping my hopes up and: Servus nach Österreich!
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  4. jkitty

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    Jul 19, 2019
    United States
    I'm so sorry about that, that's very unfortunate. I would be really heartbroken if that happened to me. Hope you can figure out a way to resolve that.
  5. AkitoTheHedgy

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    Dec 7, 2018
    United States
    Heathrow? More like Death Row.

    Anyways welcome! I hope you have a fun time here. I guess.
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