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    Mar 24, 2017
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    Sorry to make another thread about this but I haven't found a way to get this to work. I made a thread with the info below.

    The other guys told me i'm supposed to be able to use jksm to restore my alpha sapphire save from my old sd card. Is there a tutorial or page that i can read that shows me how to do it ?

    Previous post text:

    HI! So here's what happened : My XL went dead but I believe the problem is with the top screen cables being damaged. I was able to salvage an old 3ds from one of my friends and hacked it (probably not relevant but the charging port is busted, so I use the dead one to charge it's battery).

    I would really like to get my mons back from my digital copy of Alpha Sapphire (150+ hours of playtime...ugh) if i buy another one. Is there a way to get them back if I switch my nintendo ID to another ds or can I replicate them by reading the save file ?

    TL,DR Heres what I have at my disposal:

    • pokemon sun
    • an old hacked 3ds
    • busted 3ds XL .......X(
    • busted 3ds' XL memory card * with digital copy of alpha sapphire and other saves
    • legit pokebank account
    Any idea on what's my best options here to get my save files or mons back ? I would really appreciate any help.


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