Hi, I hacked Xenoblade Chronicles X but i need HELP!!!

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    Jun 28, 2019
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    Hi guys, first of all sorry for my horrible english, my problem is the next. . . I changed the music on a Xenoblade Chronicles X WUP to play it in my WIIU ( i hate the use of the music in the game), what I did is unpack the game( i have all the files exposed) change the music files acording to a list of songs made by the comunity, but when i try to pack it and install it the instalation process throws me an error (I did this with Wup Installer), later i prove it in Loadine and the thing works, but i want to have it installed in my hard drive not in the SD where i have all the hacking!!! I hope someone with patience can read this mess and help me!! Thanks a lot!!