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    Oct 25, 2017
    Hi, both new and retro gamer here,

    I have all the new consoles home and handheld (besides xbox one and one X, cause not enough exclusives, and I have a good gaming PC), everything is great, but...

    Being a PAL gamer for retro gaming has its fair share of problems , my ultimate goal is to play all my SD consoles (SNES, Mega Drive, PS1, Saturn, Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS2, Xbox, Wii) with RGB output on a great CRT TV that I have ( one of the last Sony Triniton 21' flat screen models released, the audio and image with rgb is just great).

    That is not that hard right? but when you want to play NTSC games (isos/roms) on a PAL console via RGB, things start to get complicated, even with softmoding and flashcards (I think), and Im even considering buying some NTSC consoles.

    So I hope fellow pal gamers and others with knowledge in the matter will help me achive this goal.
    Hope to learn alot here and share what I can with this community!