Hey guys need help on Neek2o,Sneek,Sneek+DI,Uneek,Uneek +DI, Suggested Setup.

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    As the title says guys. I want to try one of these out. I tried sneek when it first came out and I got it running,
    but never bothered since. I'm pretty up to date with my home-brew stuff cISOS etc etc, hbc, hbb,usb loader gx r1233, wiiflow 4.21-r444 and usb config loader 70 r55 or something which I think was the latest. As for wiiware I followed a guide by a Marc/Max guy and used his loader "Mighty Channels 11.1 mod" and it works pretty well. To cut a long story short, since I already have my nand folder on my usb fat32 hdd and have no problem loading wiiware with mighty channels and games with any of the previous loaders mentioned, would there even be any need for neek2o/Sneek/Uneek+Di/Sneek? I'm just assuming since I have my nand on the hdd that I wouldn't have to redo a nand build right?? Or do neek2o and such require you to rebuild a fresh nand with a system menu and all that?? Mainly I just want to use neek2o/Sneek/Uneek-DI or Sneek+DI as a loader somewhat or launcher I guess. I see tutorials of people doing it through wiiflow and it looks cool. As I said I have my nand on my usb hdd and I have backup nands from bootmii on my pc as well so I'm not really worried about bricking anything. Don't think this process would really do anything like that anyway. I'm on system menu 4.1 and heres my last sytem check, but I used modmii to do a system check update and am including my system check in case anybody wants to look at it. My structure on my usb fat32 hdd is

    bootmii which has armboot.bin, bootmi.ini,ppcboot.elf

    Somewhere down the line I know this works because I have no problem launching anything with my setup.
    Only thing is I can't remember where the boot.elf, bootmii folder with armboot.bin, bootmii.ini, and ppcboot.elf came from? Only thing I can think is that those were left on my hdd from when I must have tried Sneek or Uneek along time ago. Basically I want to use whatever one of these is the latest and greatest. Now would I have to build a brand new emunand, sys menu, etc etc? Or can I just somehow launch my wiiware thats already on my hdd which I use mighty channels for? Not sure if I'd have to build a new emunand or not, but it seems like thats the whole point of using neek2o, seek, uneek, etc etc. I'm not a demanding user and I try things more for the concept of actually seeing if they can work on my system. If I can't get this thats no problem, cause everything else works fine from usb or sd card, but I'd like to give one of these a whirl to see if they work on my system. I'm just wondering what would be best in my situation cause I use my usb fat32hdd for games and wiiware, some home-brew on sd card, but mostly stuff on usb hdd since its bigger in size. Any direction on this would be great. Had a little bit of a hard time converting the csv to text as I've never did that before and just saved as txt cause it wouldn't let me upload csv. Thanks in advance guys.

    P.S One thing I forgot to mention is I have Bootmii as boot2 and Bootmi as iOS and also have the latest priiloader as well which all work great together. I guess when it comes down to it "If it aint broke, don't fix it" and nothing is really broken here, I just want to try something else. I do got other sd cards, and another ext hdd or two so if that would be best to start from scratch I'd have no problem doing that. I'm one of those people where I like to try everything instead of just one thing, but sometimes that gets more confusing then not, but anyway I think I explained what I'm trying to do to the best of my knowledge. Basically use Sneek/Uneek which ever I choose to launch wiiware and games from wiiflow or through sneek/uneek/neek2o itself. My games are already in wbfs format , and if reading I know that if you use sneek or uneek, there was a sneek format, but I'm sure by now theres a variation of sneek/uneek/neek2o that should be able to load the wbfs format from the usb hdd etc etc. Maybes thats where neek2o comes in. Any help will be much appreciated guys. Thanks

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