Hey guys! Here's a Nintendo idea handheld idea! The HDS!

Discussion in 'The Edge of the Forum' started by ItsJerry, Aug 3, 2014.

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    Introducing the new handheld console Nintendo has been delaying for such a long time after the failure of the Wii U, the HDS, the latest handheld console with the highest quality of all handhelds! It has 2 circle pads! With support for DS, 3DS and HDS games! You'll play everywhere with the massive library of games, with a new upcoming "The Legend Of Zelda : Majora's Mask HD" with a 3D and a HD slider, with 10-13 hours of gameplay! :nds: With the new NES, SNES, N64, and Gameboy Advance virtual console library, with Rare teaming back up to make remakes and sequels of games. Such as Conkers Bad Fur Day, Killer Instinct, Banjo Kazooie, and more. A very high possibility of releasing never! So go back raging and complaining! :hateit: :nayps3: :gun: :nds: :gun: :sp: Maybe just a HDS with a new library of games, 2 circle pads, N64 Virtual Console support, (Like the Wii one, possibly worse or better, so the 2nd circle pad can be used as the C-buttons, and X or Y button can be registered as Z.) a much better Gameboy Advance library for the Virtual Console, and backwards compatibility? At least one or more of these things would make me so excited!
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    How about
    original (1).jpg
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    I'm intrigued, yet sporadically disappointed. This is going in the EOF soon isn't it?
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    "3D and HD slider"... for those times that the increased resolution and detail starts to give you headaches??
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    and Final Fantasy VII HD will be playable finally for the first time exclusively on the HDS

    ..and Warcraft Adventures. Can't wait for that to be released out on it. Oh I can't wait.

    wasn't there rumors of a Chrono Trigger sequel in the works for it too?..

    oh oh...Microsoft will sell Rare back to Nintendo and will mysteriously gather all of it's old staff back (despite most of them being broken up after Microsoft shook them out) Banjo-Three'ee and Killer Instinct IV will be cross save compatible with the HDS and the Wii-U2! Perfect Dark Core will be released not on an Xbox platform. Amazing!!

    then Blizzard will come out and say Starcraft Ghost was never cancelled, it's being developed for next-gen consoles such as the PS4 and X-Bone! Yeah!! Ride to Hell will get a budget and be an amazing game like it originally intended to be Titus will also get redemption and will finish the superior beta of Superman 64 and the ROM will be distributed for free. Sega will buy back Sonic and will release the Creamcast 2 and It will be so amazing i'm going to cu--

    ---*wakes up*

    this kid can't be serious right??

    EDIT: yeah.. he just spammed this idea in the Nintendo 2DS Quick Review thread as well. A high possibly of releasing "never?" why did you waste your and our fuckin' time then?
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    But will it play the newest Pokemon game. The only reason I would care for their newest handheld.
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    I forgot
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    Cybermatrix 100 is way more awesome.
  9. stanleyopar2000

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    3D with Oculus Compatibility. INSTA-BUUUUY
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    Go to sleep and dream, sweet prince.
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    I have a better idea - put some Spanish Fly in a mug of alcohol (any strong spirit will do), mix it (shake, do not stir), pour it over a helpless 3DS, sprinkle some crushed Viagra on a PSVita, rub it into the screen, put the PSVita on the 3DS, turn the lights off, close the door to the room and leave the consoles be. Come back in 9 months - you just might find the ultimate console on your desk when you're back.
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    Actually my idea for a Nintendo Handheld isn't handhelds at all. Be it a Playstation, a Wii, an XBox, a GameBoy, a PSP, and so-on and so-on, all those devices are computers with varying degrees of capabilities.
    3DS at it's core is a computer, and computers are versatile. You don't need a Nintendo to run a Nintendo game. A PC can emulate Wii games with proper coding and trial and error, and a PS3 can emulate a SNES game. Once the hardware is capable of an emulated Nintendo game, the hardware stops mattering, and the only thing that makes a Nintendo game truly feel like a Nintendo game is the method of Input (controller).

    Using a Laptop, plugged into the TV, with a USB adapter for a GameCube gamepad, I was able to enjoy several Gamecube games, and it almost felt like the genuine thing. When emulating at proper speeds, compatibilities, and using proper or similar to original input methods, the line between Nintendo system and other computing devices blur. So my WISH for Nintendo, is to stop developing actual systems, and instead focus on only making gamepads for PC and Mobile, and setup an encryption that only allows Nintendo games developed for PC and Mobile, to be only playable by connected PC and Mobile designed gamepads, MUCH like how Portal and Half Life 2 on Android are exclusive to Nvidia Shield because of Input issues the Shield is able to solve (Ignore Side-loading on Tegra 4 for this arguement). I think this way Nintendo can still develop Nintendo games, for Nintendo fans, and control that "Nintendo Experience" while at the same time not having to deal with system research, development, and production, and not having to worry about the sales o those devices.

    Nintendo have stated that they don't want to put Nintendo franchises on Mobile because they think the touchscreen isn't an acceptable enough input method for their types of games, and while I agree that Mario, or Kirby will never be acceptable with touch controls, I know for a fact that bluetooth controllers are AWESOME at remedying that situation. Gaming on emulators with my Moga has been very satisfying. A proper input device makes a load of difference when gaming on an Android device. So I'd like Nintendo to supplement Wii U's and 3DS' successor console and handheld with PC and Mobile, and add the twist that their games be only playable in the case of having a Nintendo design and patented gamepad.

    Also some of those touch-only NDS games feel right at home on Android/iOS. I've been playing The World Ends with You lately on Android and I honestly feel it superior to the NDS version. Also playing Super Metroid on my Moga, Okamiden on my Moga, Order of Ecclesia, Tactics Advance 2 just by Touch Screen, New Super Mario Bros with a Moga... Honestly... Just replace Moga with Nintendo-designed Handheld and you'll be golden.

    If you really think about it, the actual Wii U or Wii sstem is irrelevent to how you play that system, its all in the control. The same idea that at their core, the PS3 and X360 are the same fucking thing as well.