Heroes Phone and Website secrets

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    Ok I couldnt find a good forum site so I want to get an official time for my findings.

    In tonights episode we recived the number " 1-800-PRIMA16"

    When call if you puss 3 at the main menu you get the website PrimaTechPaper.com and a code to enter "mt36"

    If you enter the code you get a job "application" and a short quiz and options to recive emails and text messages from the company.

    No to the Code..

    Mt. 36
    Mountain 36
    Mountain Thirty-Six

    When you enter 36 on wikipedia and go to "36 (number)" and if You "ctrl+f" Mount the first hit you get is "# Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji is a series of prints by Hokusai" under Art.

    Mountain Fuji

    Another Japaneses artist named Hiroshige (HIROShige)

    Kool stuff thats as far as I've gotten.
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    ... ANOTHER CONSPERIACY!!!!!!! Heroes is kool!!! just saw the premiere. guess he's not "that" invivible... or is he/she???