Here's How to Convert Wii Fit Plus SaveGame

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    I've been trying to do this for a while and thought I would share the method in case it's useful for anyone else. This is, of course, similar to the NSMBWii conversion guide, but has slight differences.

    1) Backup your existing save(s) using the Nintendo Data Management Menu and put it somewhere safe.

    2) Play both NTSC and PAL versions until you have a save game for both on your Wii

    3) Load SaveGame Manager GX (SGM) (or the original version).

    4) Extract both region saves to SD card

    5) Quit SaveGame manager to be on the safe side (optional)

    6) Take the SD card out of the Wii and use your computer to look at sd:\savegames, there should be two sub-folders: 0001000452465045 (NTSC) and 0001000452465050 (PAL)

    7) Take FitPlus0.dat and FitPlus1.dat from one region and put it in the other region's folder and vice-versa. You'll need to use an intermediary folder to avoid overwriting of course [​IMG]. I found it easier to just swap them, but obviously you only really need to move the files one way (from the region you have played a lot, to the region you want to start playing).

    8) Put the sd card back in the Wii and load up SaveGame manager again.

    9) Install the SaveGame for the region you want to keep using.

    You can tell the difference between the two saves in the following ways:

    ID - RFPP
    Title - Wii Fit™ Plus
    SGM Description - Wii Fit. Plus

    ID - RFPE
    Title - Wii Fit Plus
    SGM Description - Wii Fit Plus

    This works fine for me, and hasn't corrupted so far, but obviously the risk is yours [​IMG]
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    Does it work?