Here's a new one... problems with remote speakers...

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    Lately the sound has been cutting in an out on the speakers on my Wii remotes. I know the Wii remotes themselves aren't broken, I have four of them, two of which I rarely use, and they have the same problem. I thought it was maybe just a glitch with USB Loader GX loading the games, but I played Bit Boy and Lit today, both WiiWare games, and both have the same problem. I can't make out the phone conversation on the speaker on Lit because it cuts in and out so much.

    Has anyone had this problem before, and how can it be fixed? I'm only sitting a few feet away from my Wii so I know that's not the issue. The only other thing I can think of is wireless interference. I have a wireless router and wireless surround speaker in this tiny bedroom, maybe there's interference between them all? I know sometimes when I set my wireless speaker channel to a certain channel, the wireless internet stops on my router. This is the first time this has ever happened with the Wii remotes though.

    It's not an emergency, the remotes work just fine otherwise, it's just annoying as hell with games that rely on the speaker sounds a lot.
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    I had the same problem myself the other day so i turned off the sound on the wii remote for a couple days and i started hitting the wiimote off of a table (i know it sounds far fetched) and now it works fine.
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    Did you replace the batteries? Usually the sound on it gets choppy if it's low on battery. Otherwise they may just be getting old.