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    These are quotes from another forum.[*]Ok i need a question answered does Microsoft own Google, and if so why would Microsoft make Bing? b/c bing and google are basically the same thing right?

    [*]Does Tim Burton use software to make his movies?
    Which programs?

    [*]Ok, so Apple's site says that the iPhone OS 3.0 update comes out June 17th, and its been june 17th for over an hour. I have downloaded the newest version of iTunes. When I select "check for updates" in iTunes, all it says is that i have 2.2.1 and that it is the newest version. Am i going to have to wait to the morning?

    [*]is it possible to get a virius or something that can slow your computer down through a power cord? i know it sounds crazy but ever since i got a hp power cord my laptops been slowing down
    p.s. my battery condition is like fair so its understandable that it runs up quickly

    [*]This question is sort of a no brainer but since the file is 5.98 or something like that GB does that mean i have to have a disk bigger than 4.7 to put it on...................?

    [*]did you read it all?????!!!!!
    i said i copied text! MY MOUSE WAS NOWHERE NEAR THE "PRINTSCREEN BUTTON"!!!!!!!!!!!

    [*]does my computer have to be on for it to scan at its set time?

    [*]I just login in my myspace and it say:" The function that you are currently trying to use is disabled and will be back shortly.
    We are making some minor changes to this section so please bear with us until we can get it back online.
    Please do NOT email me about this. Just wait it out. Feb 17, 2009 -Tom "
    I really need to get on myspace and how do I fix this problem ? [​IMG]

    [*]I wanted to play a game with a friend, so I popped it into my Wii console.
    I went to click the game, but it said there was nothing there.
    It won't eject anything either.

    Thing is, I can still insert other disks and play them, and they eject just fine.
    I just can't get the original game out.
    Any solutions short of cracking the thing open myself?

    [*]uhm, when you buy an album using the itunes store, does it download the files to your computer, or does the cd get shipped to your mailbox?

    [*]I've been having trouble with my computer, and I'm not really sure whats wrong with it. It just stutters and sometimes smokes, it overheats and the fans aren't working. I cannot figure out the problem!
    History: its from 2008, its a Dell, its now running windows vista. I keep it in pretty good condition. I usually take pretty good care of it although it did drop out of the back of my van the other day, and my tire went over it a bit but it seemed fine at the time. Help?

    [*]Open it with notepad, Internet explorer (most suggested), or any program that can open .gif.

    [*]Ok, I now know my specs 112 megabit of ram, and 32-bit filing system
    [*]and stop terlling me to hack stuff if I can't click on an icon or menue bar Im not doing it! what is it with you people? you think the worlds problembs are sloved by windos/c drive/ my documents/ folder/enter data/ programmer jargonAlso let this remind some of you that the majority of people are not power users like many of us are, and nobody's born with intimate computer know-how.

    Please add your own!

    EDIT: Added one I forgot about.
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    Hahaha, some of them are brilliant [​IMG]
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    I love number 9 :-) pretty sure he has no disc in the drive
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    They came back to the thread like a month later, and laughed at themselves, saying they found the disc elsewhere, they were just smoking at the time. XD
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    GBAtemp is still worse, have you SEEN the Wii Hacking Forum/NDS Flashing Hardware and Software forum?
    EDIT: wrong section, this should be in off topic
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    Sep 26, 2008
    From a certain warez website... dunno if this is allowed.

    Topic title: PSP GO Games?
    Description: I need some cuz i just got my PSP Go and the games are so f*cking expensive

    Heres what I would like to have:
    Rachted and Clank (anyof them)
    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
    The new Spyro game

    P.s. Movies would also be GREATLY appreciated.
    P.s.s I am not a ~censored~, I just thought the PSP Go would be awsome (it is)

    Topic title: Army of Two PC
    Description: Army of Two for PC please help

    I need Army of Two for PC. Not the new the old version from 2008.

    Please post the link for the topic or something.

    Exist a game like that?

    a 3rd Person shooter with a team or something?

    Topic title: Bayonneta (PC)
    Description: PC version

    looking for Bayonetta for PC if anyone can help this is a coll a$# game


    Topic title: PS3 MODEN WARFARE 2 HACKS
    Description: anyone?

    does any have hacks for Modern Warfare 2 PS3?

    can you link or upload please?

    ty ty ty!

    or if anyone knows where to get some gamesaves and hacks.

    please link sites!!! :)


    Topic title: DIABLO 3

    Please i want this game.can someome upoad the diablo 3 games for pc.
    and what is the system requirements for this.

    Thanks in advance..


    Topic title: Call of Duty Modern Welfare
  7. beegee7730

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    Mar 31, 2009
    Call of Duty Modern Welfare is the sequel to Tony Hawks Bride.
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    Lol, some people are so stupid, I always get the urge to punch them in the face [​IMG]
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    People can be so stupid [​IMG]

    I love it when they make themselves look stupid. I have a good laugh.
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    And who doesn't want a good laugh?
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    Technically... you usually use a special program to capture your images for stopmotion. The most common in Dragon Stop Motion. But... its still friggin hilarious that this person was prolly thinkin like toon boom or Maya lol
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    We have a good one over here which was recorded to tape and even sent to youtube, but the words would make no sense to you, so this is what it amounts to:

    A woman calls Microsoft tech support because Windows Genuine Advantage has caught her pirated copy of Windows XP, and on her desktop there's now a message saying 'We are sorry, but you have been tricked! This version of Windows is pirated etc. please buy an original copy as soon as possible'. That is Microsoft's polite way of not yelling that the person is a pirate. Well, here's what the woman had to say to tech support...

    "YOU SON OF A BITCH! I HAVE NOT BEEN TRICKED! I HAVE. NOT. BEEN. TRICKED! I am using a pirated version of Windows, that's what! You are accusing me of being stupid? I'm not stupid! I wasn't tricked! ARE YOU LISTENING YOU BITCH!? NOT. TRICKED! Now I suggest you remove this message from my screen or I am going to seek the authorities! Yes, I am going to tell the police about what you are doing! Is that what you want? Do you want the police to close Microsoft down? Do you want the papers to know about this? I have a friend who works on a huge paper! Do you want this to be on the front page, ASSHOLE?"

    I am not making this up, btw. The woman really was stupid like that.
  13. Slyakin

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    My god, that is probably the funniest thing I've heard all day!
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    Wich forum have you taken these quotes from
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    GameFAQs? [​IMG]