Help with unbricking a Wii with a Savemii

Discussion in 'Wii - Hardware, Devices and Utilities' started by elmoreas, Jan 15, 2010.

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    Issue: My nextdoor neighbor and my friend has a young kid and he was messing around with his dad's Wii and got into the HBC apps tonight and got into TBR or Dop IOS Mod (Not sure which he is too young to ask and get a straight answer) and messed up the system menu IOS.

    Info on system: When it boots up you just get a black screen and the "opera error" and thats it. It will not progress any further. It had system menu v4.0 on it and obviously the HBC was installed on it. BTW Bootmii on Boot2 is not an option as it is an IOS on his system. He does have a drivechip installed on it, it is the Wasabi DX/Zero Dual chip. Homebrew has not been able to be booted in anyway.

    What I need help with: I plan to take my savemii over and try to unbrick his Wii but what I need help with is the autoboot disk that contains the tools to update the system menu. Basically I was wanting to know if anyone knew where I could find the files and how I need to set them up on the disc so when I burn the disc as a bootable disc (I do burn it as a bootable disc right?) his system will recognize it and update the menu and unbrick the Wii. So if anyone knows where I can get the files, the iso's layout, and how to format the disc, I would appreciate the information. Or if the guys at hackmii, the ones who made savemii, have a downloadable iso for the autoboot disc then a link to that file would be great. I have checked hackmii and savemii's websites to no avail but I am very tired so it is possible I missed something. If anyone could help I would appreciate it as I would really like to help my friend out. Especially since he would then owe me a favor and the Christmas lights need to come down this weekend and I could use a second set of hands. [​IMG] jk Thanks in advance to those that help.

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