Help with trying to scrub GameCube ISO files to work with...

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  1. MR John

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    Nov 9, 2012

    I have the Wii Wode and I have some GameCube games that I load up off the hard drive for the Wode the Games work fine BUT I want to scrub them to make them smaller...

    I have tried the GameCube ISO tool found at: and the games will scrub down to a smaller size but will not load with the wode or it will load BUT when you go to play the game it will freeze up.

    Also I have tried the 2 files found here... GCM and Scopy and they wont make my GameCube ISO files smaller at all...

    So does anyone know how I can scrub my GameCube ISO's and still have them work with the WiiWode ?

    Thank you.