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    Oct 24, 2014


    Hi all this great community "GBAtemp" the reason I'm here is that I really love to have a patch in Spanish of Cards "Yugioh Arc-V Tag Force Special" because I have an base data and translated in a document and just need someone who knows how to insert everything in the file translated "Card_info_j.ehp" and to do so stable when start on a PSP.

    Time ago I tried Omarrrio, but unfortunately failed, and today I would like to try again, I mean me and my team of translators.
    But only we need a person who can compile the translated files within that EHP. As I think has been overlooked it much when compiling, and is understandable because Omar is a very busy person ...

    Today I am here asking for help this whole community, to have mercy on the people of Spanish-speaking, since I have a group that grows daily, with members who really are children of 8 or 9 years and obviously most people, but these children do not understand English, and I would provide them a game they understand gradually being in Spanish.

    I seek only to give everyone who believed in me and unfortunately was paused because of the "CRASH" occasioned the first attempt to insert within ISO.

    With all due respect to the whole community, I ASK SOMEONE have mercy on us and HELP THE CAUSE, BUT ASK THAT HELP TO CREATE A PATCH FOR CARDS IN SPANISH, AND WITH NOTHING THAT ... I would be grateful ME AND MY PEOPLE FOR LIFE.

    PS: OMARRRIO, if I can READ THIS, I WISH I changed my mind and decide GIVE A HAND TO HELP ... I would be grateful, ALWAYS.
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