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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by Satangel, Jun 28, 2007.

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    Nov 27, 2006
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    I have borrowed the ultimate LOTR DVD box from a friend of mine, and now I want to rip the movies (only the movies, I'm watching the extra's right now).

    But when I try to rip the first DVD of the first movie with DVDShrink, I see thats its still too large...
    Its like 5 GB when I cut out the credits, extra's, and some audio....

    So does anyone know a better program then DVDShrink?

    Tnx in adv.

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    DVD Shrink is about as fire and forget as you will get. With regard to audio are you left with a 2 channel track (5.1 DTS is horrendous space wise). Also try running fixvts on the DVD: Unwanted junk in the stream can really add some space (200 megs is not unheard of).

    Anyhow two other options I rate:
    Essentially this is like DVDShrink but you have more control over what goes and might get better results. You may need/want additional tools like VobBlanker to do stuff as well.

    DVD rebuilder:
    DVDShrink works by dropping quant values but this encodes the video again at a lower bitrate, it is slower but better if you get it right (here is a good example).
    2 things though, there is a free and payware version, the free should be just as good though.
    It may like to use CCE (a commercial encoder), in my opinion the only thing it has over HCenc and QuEnc (the de facto free encoders) is some speed.
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    Why not split the DVD in two in DVDShrink. You can split the DVD by chapters.