Hacking Help with R4 SDHC 1.41 Card (Multiple Questions)

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Dec 2, 2010
United States
Ok so first off I THINK I have the correct firmware installed. On the black box I received it indicates to go to www.nds9.com. This is where I went to get my firmware. I downloaded the one that corresponded with the box I received from them. I purchased the actual card from dsmonkey.com

First a few questions.
Is this the correct firmware? When I try to google my card I get a ton of results for cards from several different sites. When buying I didnt realize there were so many.

Is this the only firmware I can use on my card?

Did I buy what is considered a CLONE?

Is this the best card out there? If not what is?

On my firmware I have the three main menu options and below that I have about 10 +++++ etc etc. I was under the impression these + were to add games you used a lot for quick access. I cant figure out how to add these.

Skins. I downloaded a few but have no clue how to add them to the card for use.

Wallpapers. I found the folder that had the wallpaper that is currently loaded and downloaded a few pics and saved them as BMP files. but when putting them in this folder that card wouldnt load and gave me a BSOD.

RTS - I cant seem to make this work either.

Did I buy from a non reputable site? I cant seem to find any real good documentation on there site for answers to these questions.

I know ive asked a few questions here and I REALLY appreciate the help. Bought this for my son as an XMAS present and would like to have it set up completely when he opens it.
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