Hacking Help with problem regarding M3 DS Real, GBA Exploader, and EZ Flash 3-in-1


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May 27, 2019
United States
Hi. I'm running a 3-in-1 EZ Flash and a M3 DS Real on my refurbished DS Lite. M3 Sakura 1.49 OS and GBA Exploader 058b0.

Recently I've been getting problems with exploader. Namely shortly after my DS turns off, it asks me if I want to set the Slot 2 expansion pack. Pressing A or B causes the system to freeze instantly.

I found this SRAM write/verify program on another post from 2015 and put it on the flash card. The card works perfectly when I use the write program...until my DS lite is off for more than a minute. When I use the Verify program to check the SRAM before writing, it says "verify Err: Add=0, S=74, D=57".

Of course I lose my save when this happens. I've found the only way to keep the save is, when I'm done playing, to quickly turn off and on the console, then save the SRAM before shutting it down.

I replaced the battery in the EZ Flash. DS games work perfectly. Console is fully charged. I'm at wit's end trying to find a solution to this problem. It didn't happen when I first got the thing off of ebay but this started about a week or so ago.

Does anyone have any fixes or information?
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