Help with part 4 of plailect guide

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    Aug 12, 2016
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    Hi all im a newbie to all of this I followed the guide up to part 4 but I'm having issues with decrypt9wip, when I try to launch it (by holding the d-pad down arrow for menuhax)it will flash red for a moment then stays on a black screen not sure what I'm doing wrong here? Any help will be greatly appreciated

    Decrypt9wip folder is in the 3ds folder
  2. Tomsa00

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    Aug 12, 2016
    UPDATE: There's a hotfix, realeased 2 hours ago that solves it.
    d0k3 rocks :D

    Hey guys, I have the exact same problem. I'm trying to inject FBI into the Health & Safety app, but it looks like Decrypt9 crashes when i try to open it from the Homebrew launcher. Retried about 30 times already, same result.

    Do I NEED to flash FBI to the H&S? Can't I install CIAs to the RedNAND with just opening it from the homebrew launcher?
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