help with my wii starting up please

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    Nov 10, 2008
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    I have darkcorps .1, and priiloader, but this problem was happening before both were installed. when i
    turn my wii on, many times it will go to a black screen, *and now with priiloader and bootmii, it wont always go
    to the bootmii screen, and when i choose system menu from the priiloader white screen the wii channel boxes just
    keep going by on the black screen. it doesnt get to the actually wii menu. If i keep trying, , 10-20 times, sometimes worse
    itll start and ill get the wii menu screen. does anyone know, if i recover using bootmii would that fix it? does anyone know whats
    wrong or a way to fix this issue? its so annoying and id really like to find some way to fix it. Thanks!