Help with IOS revisions differing between two softmodded Wii's.

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by WiredWorm, Aug 8, 2009.

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    Aug 8, 2009
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    Hi there,

    I've had one Wii that's been softmodded for quite a while now - i'd say it's been 6 months or more and during this time i've done quite a lot of experimentation with different updates and stuff.

    I've just recently modded another Wii and found that some games work ok, whilst others report error 002 even though the game works fine on the other unit. What i'm asking for is clarification that some of my thinking is correct - so i'm hoping someone on here will be able to help me.

    1. Am I correct in saying that if I use WiiScrubber to extract the update.inf file from a game ISO then I can open this file to view the IOS files that are required by that specific game?

    2. AnyTitleDeleter can be used to view what IOS are installed on the Wii. Unfortunately it won't show the revision so you don't have any way to know if that particular IOS is the original Nintendo IOS or a modified one?

    3. I've compared the IOS from both Wii's and the one which doesn't work actually has more IOS's installed than the one that does. I can therefore only assume that one or more of the required IOS files isn't patched correctly or perhaps is an old revision.

    4. cIOSCorp is, as I understand it, a collection of patched IOS files. I notice there are quite a lot of version of this and i'm assuming later revisions contain the more recent IOS updates (patched). I'm therefore thinking that the problem with the non-working Wii could just be that I need to install a later revision of cIOSCorp.

    Am I heading in the right direction or am I way off base?

    Any help would be really appreciated. I'm keen to learn more about this stuff.


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