Help with hacking my Vita on 3.52.

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    Oct 12, 2015
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    I have been trying some of the recent hacks for the Vita 3.52 firmware. I have been having issues using Vita Update Blocker, I assign the proxy, but the cmd window doesn't show anything when accessing the PSN Store. I was also recently signed into the PSN network on my Vita, but now it is asking me to sign back in. And every time I try, the process restarts and asks me to update.

    I am trying to get the Ape Quest demo to assist me in the hack since I have no Vita games. I do have free ones from the monthly releases for PSN subs. But, I would need to sign in first. If needed, I wouldn't be opposed to resetting my Vita to factory settings.

    Can anyone shed some light, or point me in the correct direction please?
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