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    Nov 1, 2009
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    Ok so I'm having some issues with GBA Auto Trainer Maker.

    I am trying to patch Super Mario Advance 4 (v1.1) with these codes. I know these codes work on VBA without patching them. They are codebreaker codes

    000021FA 000A
    10002884 0007

    Infinite Lives (Mario)
    33002A6A 0062

    Infinite Lives (Luigi)
    33002A6C 0062

    Tap Select for Form Change/Cycle Powerups
    74000130 03FB
    E3FE5400 0001
    73FE5400 0004
    E3003F5E 0100
    74000130 03FF
    83FE5400 0000
    73003F5E 1102
    83003F5E 0002

    Start with 2 of every Powerup
    43002C2E 0101
    0101000F 0002

    I have the following settings checked/unchecked

    Enable/Disable - Unchecked
    Trainer - Checked
    Slow-Mo - Unchecked
    Trainer Menu - Unchecked

    Execute every 1 cycles

    Now every time I patch the game, it no longer works on either my EZ Flash V 3-in-1, nor does it work on an emulator. On the 3-in-1 I get to the GBA Logo screen and afterwards it's nothing but a white screen. On VBA I just get a white screen.

    I have also noticed that GBA Auto Trainer Maker seems to trim the GBA game a bit, I'm thinking this may be the issue, but there has to be a way to disable trimming.

    What am I doing wrong here?

    EDIT: Nevermind, for some strange reason it's working just fine on both the EZ 3-in-1 and on VBA.

    Mods, could you lock this topic for me?