Help with GBA Action Replay and stuff :-)

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    Hello. So to start off don't have a go at me of I sound stupid. I'm new to this stuff. Haha :-)

    Today was birthday (31st March) and I got GBA from my uncle with lots of accessories aha one of these being a Action Replay! At first I thought it was pretty cool as I thought you could run GBA ROMs from it. I had been emulating on my Tablet for a while now. So I loaded up the software and got everything sorted out (Which took AGESSS! UGH!) Only to find that on the software for it there was only cheat codes and save files options. This was disappointing. Is there any way I can load it up as a disk drive and put a ROM on there? Or am I going to need a Flash Cart? Of so could you point me to some places where I may find some?

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    I'm pretty sure the action replay cannot be used as a flash cart.

    The only GBA flash cart that is still (somewhat) available new is the ez-flash IV. A list of some places that still have them:
    They are a really good flash cart (full compatibility as far as I know, i have a couple of them), however it doesn't have RTC so timed events in some games (pokemon etc) dont work, but there are patches for most games that need it.

    No GBA cart is quite as straightforward as current drag-n-drop DS ones. You need to run roms through a patching program on your PC for saves to work and there are a few other limitations, but its all pretty easy.
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